Monday, September 7, 2009


Today I lunged Lilly before I rode, and she was near perfect! It really helps take the edge off of her! I can't believe it took me 4 years to finally get her to lunge! She is so smart and dominant, but I finally won the "lunging" battle. We still have a way to go. I haven't gotten her to canter on the lunge line, but she has improved so much in just this week! The spooking has definitely gone away for the most part this week, and I attribute it to the lunging. She still is looking at everything, but at least she is being somewhat sane.

Here are some pictures after I rode Lilly. She was super tired and ready to go relax!

That's me and Lilly posing for the camera!

After we were all done with untacking and grooming, we went to rest in the shade. I napped while she ate grass.

After I was done with Lilly, I rode Willow for a bit. I am still not doing much with her since she is 2 and a half. We just worked on walking over poles, steering, and walking over cavaletti (so she can learn to pick up her heavy feet!!!). She is definitely growing. Her butt is taller than her withers right now!

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