Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mares Mares Mares

Lilly is totally back to normal. She has been lunging WTC without a fight before each ride recently. I haven't gotten to work with her for a week because I was away for work. Today I lunged her for only about 5 minutes each way to see what her attitude was like. She was very responsive and willing. So I decided to make it a short lunging session and get on. We just did flat work and worked on yielding to my leg. I need to work on the basics on the flat since the last few months have been so erratic! I also need to get my leg strength back!

I really think it was hormones. She started the spooking in May and stopped late August.

Has anyone tried Regu-Mate? Do you think this may help her during the Spring and Summer??

Also, I am looking to buy a video camera so I can post videos. Does anyone know of a good video camera that won't break the bank! Thanks!!!

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