Monday, September 28, 2009

New Video Camera!!

Yesterday was such a great day at the barn! It was a rainy mess when I got there, but the storm passed quickly. It had been raining over night, so Lilly was still wet from being out. We still have her out for about 22 hours a day, but since her attitude has changed so dramatically, I am going to see if she can come in at night.

While grooming I took some short videos. I just got a camcorder and am super excited to finally get to record my horses progress. The battery wasn't completely charged, so I will have to wait till tomorrow to get them actually working. Anywhoooo...

Lilly was perfect today. She was very balanced at the canter even though it was so sloppy and slippery. She amazed me how willing she was to collect and do what I had asked of her. We popped over a few low jumps. She didn't pull and completely listened to me! So we called it quits on a good note. Although it was all good notes!

After taking care of Lilly after the ride, I got Willow ready to lunge. First I had to tackle the burs.....

Today was the first day I introduced sidereins. Again, I couldn't ask her to be any better. She extended her trot and halted every time I cued her to. After a while of going in each direction, I added a pole on opposite ends of the circle. She just trotted over them like she had been doing it for years!

I took the sidereins off of Willow and wanted her trot over the cavaletti. I have had her walk over it a few weeks ago, but I still didn't know what she would do at the trot. I thought that she might refuse the first time, but to my surprise she popped her big self right over it! I cannot believe what a willing girl she is! I cannot wait till she is able to take me out in the country side and we can enjoy the scenery together!!

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