Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunrise Over Hilltop

So I got to go to Pimlico yesterday. They open it to the public for 3 days before Preakness to watch the horses workout early morning. It was a rainy day, but well worth it!

After I watched a few horses that aren't in the Preakness work out, I turned around and saw crutches....Guess who that was! Mine that Bird's trainer, so the horse was about to step out on the track. He breezed by a few times and looked great! I also saw Pappa Clem train in the am, but those were the only horses in the Preakness that I got to see.

I walked around the track to where the stakes barn was, and there was news crews everywhere. They give tours thru the backside, but I didn't have time to wait since I wanted to ride Lilly before I had to go to work.

Once I got to the barn, I tacked Lilly up and went for a quick ride. We worked on bending and collecting. Can never have to much of that. We have also have been working on simple changes, hopefully soon we will get a flying....

Most of the mares were switched to the back field where there is plenty of grass so the regular mare's field could get a rest. Lilly was one who was kept in the old field :( Sometimes she can be hard to catch for some people, and we don't want her to founder on all that grass. The days that I go ride in the pm, she can go out with the rest of the mares because she always comes to me.

I have another long day at work tomorrow, but TGIS.....the weekend is almost here and I can go play in the mud!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun morning at the track. Fun to go watch some top level horses breeze by!