Monday, May 18, 2009

Mare's in Season

Well, all the mare's were crazy today....they are all in season.....together....... I got Willow out of the field, and cross tied her as usual.  She would not stand still what so ever, then all the mares started running from one end of the field to another.  When I was grooming her, and also trying to get a closer look at the kick marks all over her back legs, she kept trying to give me her "warning kicks".  (I now she is only 2, but the person I got her from should have worked on this with her, considering how big she will get!)  So I decided that I would not ride her today, however she would be lunged to get some of her energy out.  I had only about 20 minutes of lunging time with Willow, my lesson was starting earlier than usual.    

Lilly did pretty well during the lesson, however, my trainer and I could totally tell she was in season.  She was just acting up a bit, in many different ways.  Going to fast, spooking, bulking to the right between lines, but by the end of the lesson, she settled down and jumped the jumps perfectly.  We jumped the highest Lilly has jumped today...2'9".   It was no problem for her.  I wonder how high she will eventually jump?  She does have a lot of jump in her, especially how little she is.  

After I was done with Lilly, I got Willow out again to hose off her back legs.  Most of the kick marks were just superficial except for one.  It is a pretty deep cut, but nothing they could stitch.  I will keep hosing it and appling medication.  Hopefully we won't need any antibiotics!

I have noticed lately that the hoof supplement and hoof ointment I have been using on Willow has been working wonderfully.  The hoof ointment is called Effol made in Germany.  The supplement is from the local feed store, and is making my filly's coat shine!

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  1. Yep, I have seen that before, all the mares in a herd going into season together. Makes it rather tough on the lone gelding in there, LOL!
    I would still rather have mares though. They have the most personality!
    Beautiful girls!