Monday, June 22, 2009

..."Today, You Won"

Last Friday I switched Lilly's bit to a Pelhem. It definitely helped me have more control. Lilly was up in front of me and couldn't shy out from under me so easily. So, by the end of Friday I thought we had found a solution to our current problem. On Sunday, Lilly decided she had an answer for my so called solution. The biggest problem is, Lilly is always thinking... Since she couldn't spook or shy, she decided bolting would be her new form of challenging me! She bolted about 3 times in the hour lesson. I almost ran into jump standards, cavaletti, and, of course, people on horses. But, by the end of the lesson, my trainer said...."Today, You Won".

Let's see what she tries tomorrow!


  1. That;s funny that you decided to switch to a mullen pelham. I ride Possum right now in a happy mouth pelham, and am thinking of switching to the happy mouth mullen to keep him a little less heavy and rushing the jumps so much. He tends to get very strong and it takes me a while to get him back and I really need the control in the lines that we jump. So you like it?

  2. oh boy.... she is really trying you!
    Have you tried a Mikmar training bit? I have had some good luck with that on 'trying' horses.

  3. Hi there..jsut tracked you down. Thanks for signing up to "Follow/Share/Lead" at my place!
    Yea...finding the right comunication is important.
    I have had some bolts myself in the arena..did not have time to think but only to grab the mare is fast!
    Hope the pelham works better..sounds as though it has helped.
    Kacy w Wa mare~